1600 watt vacuum cleaner




Product Code : KI-1600

  • 1600 watt powerful motor
  • Multi-speed switch to control the suction speed
  • Suction level indicator
  • Power pedal for operation
  • Automatic cable pulling pedal when pressed
  • Filter to protect the motor from dust during suction
  • Control the rotation of the hose up to 360 degrees
  • Jets from the couch to tighten the suction process without leaking
  • 2.3L Easy to Clean Cloth Bag
  • 5m long wire
  • Carpet and floor brush
  • Confined space brush
  • Curtain and upholstery brush
  • A place to store accessories
  • Color: Red x Black
  • Stainless steel tube to control the length and shortening of the hose during suction
  • The product is ISO 9001 certified
  • Smooth wheel for easy movement of the broom
  • Plastic made of hard material to withstand shocks and breakage